The Complete Guide to Highland Bagpipe Reeds is a 57 page updated and improved version of the Bagpipe Reed Adjustment booklet. Whereas the small booklet focused solely on molded chanter reeds the new larger book also includes information on ridge-cut chanter reeds, drone reeds and practice chanter reeds. There is also a chapter explaining the different chanter reeds and the necessary tools to adjust/maintain them. There is additional information on setting up and maintaining the pipes for optimum reed function. The book is filled with photographs and diagrams to illustrate the techniques discussed. The book can be purchased in hard copy with or without an Apps reed mandrel. It is also availabe in English for Kindle in the US, UK, DE and FR for just $15 (or local equivalent).


with mandrel $48
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The Wika gauge will allow you to find your ideal reed strength. Then let us match the G3 chanter reeds you order to your specifications.This gauge slips over the end of your pipe chanter. Just blow through it to make the reed sound and take a reading from the dial. Measurements in inches of water. The gauge can be of use even if it is not purchased by you. Choose a setting from the strength table and we will send a G3 chanter reed set to your specified strength. The next time you order a G3 chanter reed you can ask for the same strength or something slightly different. (*Note: not available for the G4 chanter reed) Table of reed strengths can be found on the Reed page. $130.00 Go to online shopping

Pipe Chanter Reeds

These kits come with all components of a pipe chanter reed. Kit includes six cane reed slips, six folded brass staples and twine enough for wrapping six reeds. Also included is a list of instructions on how to wrap your reeds. The slips are profiled as for the Apps G3 moulded reed. As the reed slips offered with this product must be gouged and machined there may be some lead/manufacturing time between ordering and shipping.

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Practice Chanter Reeds

Kit includes all items necessary to create 6 Pro practice chanter reeds; six brass staples, twelve plastic slips, six short and six long binding sleeves. Kit comes with a short list of instructions for assembling your own practice chanter reeds.

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Cane and/or Plastic Slips

Price includes enough slips to make 6 reeds. Slips are available in cane or plastic.
Cane slips are profiled as for the Apps G3 moulded style reed.
Plastic slips are set to a radius and ready to assemble.
Bulk orders accepted. Please contact us for a quote.

$24 cane

$12 plastic
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Brass Staples

We offer staples for both practice reeds and pipe chanter reeds. Practice staples are made of brass tube. Pipe chanter staples are made of folded brass. The staples are Chris Apps designed and made of quality brass. Bulk orders accepted. 
Please contact us for a quote.

six pipe chanter.
six pracrice
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FOLK MUSIC CD - "THE ORNAMENT" by Fred Fernackerpan
The Ornament is a traditional folk CD that embraces exotic world music in this innovative first instrumental album by Fred Fernackerpan. A rich and fluent mixture of traditional and exotic instruments interweave through moody melodic and incredibly dynamic compositions. Inspired through the creative core of several world folk traditions this CD will both sooth and inspire the listener. All tunes are original compositions by Glyph Erikson and feature Chris Apps on the scottish smallpipes.

Sound Clips
Track 1 The Ornament Track 7 Percie's Waltz
Track 2 Professor Anderson's No. 1 Track 8 Let's Party
Track 3 Killer Bees Track 9 Jive Jig
Track 4 Drop out the Sidecloth/ Arribe La Font Track 10 The Snow Queen
Track 5 Pilgrims of the Absurd Track 11 Goat Boy
Track 6 Jools of the Orient    
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Apps Gifts on Cafe Press Apps Gifts is an off-shoot of Chris Apps Reeds LLC offering gifts with a bagpipe, highland dance and/or Scottish theme. Top quality t-shirts for all age, unique mugs that are dishwasher and microwave safe and beautiful greeting cards are available via Cafe Press. Available
Cafe Press
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