Complete Guide to Highland Bagpipe Reeds
by Chris Apps
The Complete Guide to Highland Bagpipe Reeds is a 57 page updated and improved version of the Bagpipe Reed Adjustment booklet. Whereas the small booklet focused solely on molded chanter reeds the new larger book also includes information on ridge-cut chanter reeds, drone reeds and practice chanter reeds. There is also a chapter explaining the different chanter reeds and the necessary tools to adjust/maintain them. There is additional information on setting up and maintaining the pipes for optimum reed function. The book is filled with photographs and diagrams to illustrate the techniques discussed. The book can be purchased in hard copy with or without an Apps reed mandrel. And is now also available through Amazon in a Kindle format.


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Piper & Drummer says the book "Provides excellent tips handy for even the most accomplished player."

The Piping Times says the book "There are good illustrations to guide the reader with an easy to understand text."


Reed styles and adjustment tools
A walk through the different types of chanter reed as well as an explanation of the tools needed for successful maintenance of all types of highland bagpipe reed.

Selecting a chanter reed
How to spot the gems from the duds.

Chanter reed adjustment
Clear illustrations and diagrams help demonstrate techniques for adjusting both molded and ridge-cut chanter reeds. Some adjustments are unique to each style of reed.

Practice chanter reeds
Techniques for selecting and maintaining Chris Apps style practice chanter reeds.

Setting up the pipes
Information on maintaining your pipes for optimum reed performance.

Drone reed set up and maintenance
This chapter has a small amount of information on synthetic drone reeds but focuses mainly on cane drone reed set up and maintenance. Clear diagrams and illustrations.

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