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With over 38,000 YouTube viewers these short clips have proved to be very popular. Watch these videos here by clicking on the title.
Using a Cane Practice Reed
Breaking in a New Reed
Softening a Reed
Doubletoning F
Using a Mandrel to Adjust a Reed

ARTICLES by Chris Apps

Quick Chanter Tuning
The Effect of Moisture on your Bagpipe Reed
Breaking in a New Reed
The Benefits of Using a Mandrel
Which style of chanter reed is the better choice?
Advice for Cold Weather Bagpipe Playing
What is causing the flat high G?
What are you doing to that reed?! forget those whacky reed handling tips
Every reed problem has an explanation
Complete Guide to Highland Bagpipe Reeds Written by Chris Apps this is a 57 page updated and improved version of the Bagpipe Reed Adjustment booklet. This new more complete book includes information on both molded and ridgecut chanter reeds, drone reeds and practice chanter reeds. There is a chapter explaining the different chanter reeds and the necessary tools to adjust/maintain them. There is additional information on setting up and maintaining the pipes for optimum reed function. Filled with photographs and diagrams to illustrate the techniques discussed. The book can be purchased with or without an Apps reed mandrel.
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$ 15.00 in US US UK $30.00 book only
$48.00 with mandrel
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